ΑΞΙΟΝ ΕΣΤΙ λεπτομέρεια

The icon as a piece of work is an artistic attempt of the man to open a window to the everlasting world of eternity by using materials of the perishable present.This is the view of God’s kingdom.
The history of icons began with Christ who imprinted his face on the Holy Mandylion(veil of Veronica)and has been going up to nowadays-days of Revelation.During these centuries a lot of schools and techniques ministered this art but they haven’t changed it.On the contrast,they have kept its spiritual character which is ruled by faith,modesty,simplicity and avoidance of vain and unnecessary.Only in this way the spiritual beauty is saved and makes people who pray in front of icons rest mentally and be calm.We hope that the visitors will find this kind of work in this exhibition and we are kindly asked to show indulgence for probable imperfections that can be observed as they are inevitable in every human creation.After all,only God is perfect.
Enjoy yourselves.
Konstantinos Salonikides, Christos Menexakis.